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17.5" BUA Crossover (GP/Jump/Dressage) - Secondhand

Regular price £110.00 p/month

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Term (Months)  Monthly Rate
1-6 All rentals start on this rate  regardless of duration. 5-day trial still applies)  £110.00
 7-12*  £82.50
 13+*  £71.50

 * A 25% discount is applied after 6 months of on time payments and a further 10% discount applied after 12 months.

Make: Bua

Model: Crossover (Wool flocked)

Flaps: GP, Jump with front block, Jump with no block, Dressage, Dressage Long (+2")

Size: 17.5"

Panels: Wool flocked

Tree: Patented fixed cantilevered tree

Colour: Black

Seat Options:

  • Narrow twist has reduced padding in the twist of the saddle 
  • Standard 

Saddle Condition: I have a selection of very lightly used Bua saddles.

Wear  / Damage: No major marks to note (specific details can be given upon enquiry)


What Bua has to say about this saddle: 

Lightweight: The BUA Saddle uses lightweight materials found in aerospace and automotive industries, weighing in just over 4kgs.

High comfort: Bua's innovative cantilevered tree allows for a more comfortable ride for the horse and rider. Pressure is distributed move evenly across the back because of the unique tree design.

Dynamic Tree: The BUA Saddle’s cantilevered construction recognises that the physiology of horse and rider differ. The tree is comprised of aerodynamic grade carbon fiber mix which is incredibly strong and durable, but at the same time flexible enough to cushion and cradle the movements of horse and rider. This is a unique feature of the BUA Saddle.

Stirrup Bar: Two placements allowing the stirrup position to be moved depending on discipline or comfort.

Adjustable Suspension: The cantilevered structure offers choice. Its suspension can be tightened to create a stiffer seat or softened to create a more flexible seat.

Modular:  Because of its unique construction, the BUA Saddle’s soft components can be easily removed, allowing the saddle to be reconfigured to suit different equestrian disciplines. By choosing appropriate side panels, the BUA Saddle can be transformed from a jumping saddle into an endurance, GP or dressage saddle.

Versatile fit: The Bua Saddle accommodates a range of sport horse types and sizes.

Machine washable: Saddle panels which are most effected by sweat residue are machine washable. Simply remove the cover and pop on a low temperature.


Initial Payment

17.5" BUA Crossover (GP/Jump/Dressage) - Secondhand
Refundable Security Deposit  £110.00
1st months rental  £110.00
Shipping - Outward  £25.00
Shipping - Inward  £25.00
TOTAL  £270.00


All rental saddles have a 5-day trial period to allow you to ensure they fit. If the saddle is not suitable, once we receive the saddle back (in the same condition it was sent out) your deposit & 1st monthly rental will be refunded, minus a £15 admin fee.