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GFS Monarch 17" Regency-X Jump Saddle, Adjustable Gullet - Black (SKU178) - Buy It Now

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Make: Monarch

Model: Regency-X Jump

Size: 17" 

Width: Adjustable (Available in Narrow to Extra Extra Wide)

Colour: Black

Panels: Wool flocked

No. Girth straps: 4 on each side

Blocks: 1 pair of removable knee blocks & 1 pair of removable calf blocks.

Serial No.: 16060278

Saddle Condition: Secondhand saddle in excellent used condition. Right hand side flap has a light rub mark at the bottom and on the trim and there is a rub mark on the RHS shoulder panel.


What GFS Monarch has to say about this saddle, the Regency-X Jump: 

As the Monarch Jumping saddle but with a double - stitched leather for a more luxurious finish and a closer feel. This is a forward cut saddle especially suitable for a rider more serious about jumping.

This saddle has a moulded panel for a closer feel allowing the rider to be more able to communicate with the horse. This saddle has a flatter seat than the other saddles in this range to give the rider greater flexibility.

Velcro front and rear Flexi-blocks allow the rider to adopt a number of positions and accommodating a number of leg lengths.

- Easy fit gullet system

- Flocked panel