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GFS 16.5" Monarch Regency-X Jump Saddle, Adjustable Gullet - Brown - Buy It Now (157)

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Make: Monarch

Model: Regency-X Jump

Size: 16.5" 

Width: Adjustable (Avaiable in Narrow to Extra Extra Wide)

Colour: Brown

Panels: Wool flocked

No. Girth straps: 4 on each side

Blocks: 1 pair of removable knee blocks & 1 pair of removable calf.

Serial No.: 16090508

Saddle Condition: Ex-demo saddle which has been used for saddle fittings only. In excellent condition, with light indentation marks on the girth straps the only signs of use.


What GFS Monarch has to say about this saddle, the Regency-X Jump: 

As the Monarch Jumping saddle but with a double - stitched leather for a more luxurious finish and a closer feel. This is a forward cut saddle especially suitable for a rider more serious about jumping.

This saddle has a moulded panel for a closer feel allowing the rider to be more able to communicate with the horse. This saddle has a flatter seat than the other saddles in this range to give the rider greater flexibility.

Velcro front and rear Flexi-blocks allow the rider to adopt a number of positions and accommodating a number of leg lengths.

- Easy fit gullet system

- Flocked panel