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17.5" Fairfax Gareth Adjustable Gullet Monoflap Dressage Saddle, Black (SKU129)

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Make: Fairfax 

Model: Gareth

Size: 17.5"

Width: Adjustable Gullet system

Saddle cover: Brown Fairfax saddle cover included.

Shoulder blocks: 1 large and 1 small set included

Flap: Monoflap

Serial No.: 025004

Year of Manufacture: 2015

Colour: Black

Flocking:Wool flocked panels – even flocking with no obvious hard lumps
NB: Flocking in saddles is a variable that deteriorates with time and use, therefore the flocking in any used saddle may need attention in order to ensure the correct fit to your horse.

Saddle Condition: Secondhand saddle in good used condition. Two small scratches on left side of pommel. Fading on left thigh block. Several light scratches on the right side of the cantle. Rub marks on the twist. Small tear on the piping on the right side flap. 

Some of the stitching on the bottom of the left flap has recently been repaired (November 2019). Some of the stitching on bottom of the right flap is starting to wear and may need to be restitched in the future. This does not affect the safety of the saddle however it should be regularly checked. 

The girth straps are well used but in acceptable condition. Indents from buckles as expected with a secondhand saddle. All holes in good condition with no tears or major stretching. All visible girth leather stitching in excellent condition.

What Fairfax has to say about this model, the Gareth: 

We developed this saddle with 2014 WEG team silver medallist Gareth Hughes who wanted a saddle that allowed him to feel a greater connection with his horse without restricting the ability to give the subtlest aids or make minute adjustments.

The Gareth Monoflap benefits from all the features common to every saddle in the Performance range, plus the following performance-enhancing details:

  • The seat is more ‘forward’ in order to precisely align the rider more ‘in’ over the horse’s centre of balance.
  • The Unique design and placement of the billets gives the saddle fitter two adjustment options to fine-tune the fit to the horse’s shape and movement.
  • Three thicknesses of adjustable shoulder blocks allow the rider to sit squarely on a horse with asymmetrical shoulders while allowing the horse to move freely underneath, building up muscle without restriction. Simply use the thicker block on the side with less muscle.
  • A recess in the flap allows the riders’ upper leg to form a closer contact with the horse’s side without any uncomfortable rubbing.
  • Surface mounted thigh blocks designed to give the rider enhanced support without restricting their position.
  • Full grain leather for an instant pre-broken-in feel.

This saddle was designed and tested using pressure mapping and gait analysis.

Initial Payment

17.5" Fairfax Gareth Adjustable Gullet Monoflap Dressage Saddle, Black (SKU129)
Refundable Security Deposit  £70.00
1st months rental  £70.00
Shipping - Outward  £25.00
Shipping - Inward  £25.00
TOTAL  £190.00


All rental saddles have a 5-day trial period to allow you to ensure they fit. If the saddle is not suitable, once we receive the saddle back (in the same condition it was sent out) your deposit & 1st monthly rental will be refunded, minus a £15 admin fee.