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17" Extra Wide Patriot Jump Saddle - Brown (SKU315)

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 13+*  £52.00

 * A 25% discount is applied after 6 months of on time payments and a further 10% discount applied after 12 months.

Make: Stirlingshire Saddlery

Model: Patriot

Style: Monoflap

Size: 17" (not stamped)

Width: Extra Wide (not stamped)

No. Girth straps: 2 on each side

Serial No.: NA

Saddle Condition: Secondhand saddle in very good condition. DETAILS TO BE ADDED.


What Stirlingshire Saddlery has to say about this saddle, the Patriot: 

Exclusive to Stirlingshire Saddle Fitters, the Patriot was designed in conjunction with Ideal Saddle Makers as an alternative to the traditional close contact saddle which is either felt or foam flocked and doesn’t offer very much support for the typical thoroughbred/event horse conformation. This saddle is specifically designed for cross-country riding and jumping. The most important features are the wool flocking which makes for easy adjustments, the deep panels that allow more support for high hollow withers, the ultra light weight and the single flap that lets the rider feel their horse underneath them.


Initial Payment

17" Extra Wide Patriot Jump Saddle  - Brown (SKU315)
Refundable Security Deposit  £80.00
1st months rental  £80.00
Shipping - Outward  £25.00
Shipping - Inward  £25.00
TOTAL  £210.00


All rental saddles have a 5-day trial period to allow you to ensure they fit. If the saddle is not suitable, once we receive the saddle back (in the same condition it was sent out) your deposit & 1st monthly rental will be refunded, minus a £15 admin fee.