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Prestige X-Helen K Dressage Saddle , 17" 32cm (Medium), Black (SKU208)

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Brand: Prestige

Model: Helen

Size: 17"

Width: 32cm NB: Prestige saddles are able to be adjusted by authorized dealers up or down by 2cm. 

Flap: Monoflap

Serial No.: 1732 10130617

Colour: Black

Panels: LPF panels. “LIGHT PERFORMANCE FIT” panels consist of a shell made in 3D fabric/Airnet and a foam sheet, the flocking is made of Dacron, a synthetic fiber.

The benefits of this type of panel is light, elastic and simply adjustable, furthermore it adapts easily to the morphology of the modern horse. This panel combines the reduced thickness and close-contact sensation typical of latex panels with the shock-absorbing and highly adaptable properties of a flocked panel.

Saddle Condition: Secondhand saddle in excellent used condition. There is a very small mark on the cantle and some wrinkling on the panels.


What Prestige has to say about this model, the X-Helen K Monoflap: 

Anatomically shaped knee blocks allow the rider to more easily maintain the correct position. Through the use of new tree and soft filling on the seat, the X-Prestige Helen K is a very deep saddle. 

Padded cushions are made of leather, in a special structure like laid plast honey-filled lightspongy material. These cushions are made in the shape of anatomical for ensuring maximum freedom of movement of the muscles around the withers. Lightweight, weighing only 5.35 kg.

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17" 32cm (M) Prestige X-Helen K Dressage Saddle, Black (SKU208)
Refundable Security Deposit  £123.00
1st months rental  £123.00
Shipping - Outward  £25.00
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TOTAL  £296.00


All rental saddles have a 5-day trial period to allow you to ensure they fit. If the saddle is not suitable, once we receive the saddle back (in the same condition it was sent out) your deposit & 1st monthly rental will be refunded, minus a £15 admin fee.