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Prestige X-Breath Dressage Saddle 32cm (Narrow Medium) (Adjustable), Black - Buy it Now (SKU124)

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Make: Prestige

Model: X-Breath

Size: 17"

Width: 32cm – on the narrower side of medium, typically a horse with good withers but a medium to narrow back, like a typical TB type horse.

NB:Prestige saddles are able to be adjusted by authorized dealers up or down by 2cm. 

Flap: Dualflap

Serial No.: 173212570718

Colour: Black

Flocking: Flocked with X-Tech
NB: Flocking in saddles is a variable that deteriorates with time and use, therefore the flocking in any used saddle may need attention in order to ensure the correct fit to your horse.

Saddle Condition: Secondhand. Excellent used condition with no marks to note, however these is some light fraying to the material in the oval shaped hole in the seat.Saddle Condition: Secondhand. Excellent used condition


What Prestige has to say about this model, the X-Breath: 

The X-Breath dressage is an innovative saddle that catches the eye with the large oval opening located in the centre of the seat. This hole is intended to both help ventilation, resulting in a better air circulation to cool both horse and rider, and to relieve pressure on the coccyx. the hole is covered with a special ultra elastic 3D material that increases the comfort of the seat. In the leather version the saddle has holes and openings on the flaps and under flaps to lighten the saddle and improve ventilation. A super fit for all horses and a comfortable fit for the rider.