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Prestige X-D1 D K 18" L Monoflap Calfskin Dressage Saddle (X-Technology), Brown - Buy It Now (SKU143)

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Make: Prestige

Model: X-D1 D K Calfskin Dressage Saddle

Size:  Stamped 18"

Width: Stamped L (covers width up to 36cm) but believed to currently be a MW NB: Prestige saddles can be adjusted by a Prestige saddle fitter

Flap: Monoflap

Serial No.: 18L 02280115 AS1

Year of Manufacture: 2015

Colour: Tobacco

Flocking: Flocked with X-Tech

Saddle Condition: Secondhand. Excellent used condition. Used saddle but in excellent condition with no marks but some light creasing on the flaps. Has two small holes in back of cantle where nameplate has been removed.


What Prestige has to say about this model, the X-D1 K Dressage Saddle:

This saddle offers closer contact guaranteeing the best freedom of movement to the horse.The narrow and deep twist and a deep seat to keep the rider´s balance to the front of the saddle. The fit is outstanding for short and muscular horses, also thanks to the panels that are shaved in the front part to give the most freedom to the shoulders. 

  • Elastic front girth straps
  • Shoulder free panels
  • New knee rolls as of november 2015
  • Deep and comfortable seat