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Silhouette General Purpose Saddle, 17" MW, Black (SKU145) - BUY IT NOW

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Brand: Silhouette

Model: General Purpose

Size: Not stamped but seat measures 17"

Width: Not stamped but is approximately MW (NB: Silhouette saddles can be adjusted by a saddler) 

Panels: Wool

NB: Flocking in saddles is a variable that deteriorates with time and use, therefore the flocking in any used saddle may need attention in order to ensure the correct fit to your horse.

Colour: Black

Serial No: 217129

Saddle Condition: Secondhand saddle in well used condition. There are a couple of tiny nicks on either side of the cantle, some minor scratch marks on the bottom of the front and back of the left flap, some scratch marks along the stitching of the back of the right flap and the bottom of the right flap is wrinkled.