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Silhouette mono-flap Insignia event / jump saddle 16.5in Black - Buy it now (111)

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Make: Silhouette

Model: Insignia Event / Jump Saddle

Size: Not stamped but measures 16.5" 

Width: Not stamped but was bought as a wide - see photo for measurement

(NB: Silhouette saddles can be adjusted by a saddler) 

Flap: Monoflap

Panels: Wool flocking
NB: Flocking in saddles is a variable that deteriorates with time and use, therefore the flocking in any used saddle may need attention in order to ensure the correct fit to your horse

Colour: Black

Serial No.: 216266

Year of Manufacture: 2016

Saddle Condition: Secondhand. Excellent used condition.


What Silhouette has to say about this model, the Insignia Jump: 

 Open seat with square cantle and surface knee/ thigh blocks

A very comfy saddle covered in a high quality hide/ calfskin leather