If you are unable to find a saddle that you want please contact us and we will try our best to source the saddle for you.

How renting a saddle works...

1. Browse through the available saddles and select the saddle you want. If you can not find a suitable saddle please contact us and provide details of what you are looking for and we will do our best to source it.

2. All saddles have a rental price guide on the product page. If you want to rent the saddle, fill in the enquire to rent form directly on the product page and click send. We will then contact you and discuss your needs by email/phone. We always try to tailor a rental agreement that suits each of our customers perfectly.

3. We will email you a formal agreement that includes all costs and the terms and conditions of the rental. This will include ID verification. General terms and conditions can be found here. The form can be electronically signed (on mobile or computer) or printed, signed and scanned back to us as suits you. 

4. Once the rental agreement is signed we will email you a secure link to take payment. The payment authorisation includes the initial payment (including deposit and shipping) as well as the ongoing monthly payment which will be invoiced by email monthly (if renting for more than one month).

5. We will pack and ship your saddle immediately. Your rental term begins on the day you receive the saddle from our courier. We recommend saving the box and packing material to reuse upon returning the saddle.

6. A few days before the end of your rental we will contact you and arrange a courier to collect the saddle for its return. It is your responsibility to pack the saddle in a manner that ensures it will not be damaged. Your original shipping charge covers the return costs and so there is nothing more to pay as long as you have the packing materials.

For more information on the rental process, how to buy a saddle or other questions take a look at our FAQ's page. Alternatively contact us here.