Current stock includes Albion, Bates, Cameo, Ecorider, Equipe, Bua, Fairfax, GFS, Ideal, Inky Dinky, Kent & Masters, Loxley by Bliss, Premier Equine, Prestige, Silhouette, Voltaire & Whitaker saddles

Renting terms, cancellations and extensions.

What ID do I need to provide?

You will need to provide a scan or photograph of a valid photo ID (e.g. Drivers Licence or Passport) and proof of billing address (bill, statement etc.).

When does my rental start and end?

Your rental term begins on the day that the courier delivered your item. You can keep the item right up until the last day of your rental. For example, if you sign a 1 month rental agreement on the 1st, and your saddle is delivered on the 3rd, we will arrange pickup on the 3rd of the following month.

What if something comes up and I cannot meet the pickup courier?

Phone us as soon as you know (07934 351164). We will try and reschedule the pickup for a time that suits you better. Unfortunately if it is too late to reschedule the courier you may be charged a rebooking fee.

A saddle I want to try is listed as “Currently Rented”, can I reserve the saddle?

No, because we give all renters the option to extend their rental we cannot reserve a saddle If there is a saddle you want to try, and you are willing to wait, contact us and we will be happy to notify you as soon as we have an expected return date. Please contact us using the rental enquiry form on the product page.

Can I extend my rental?

Yes. All rental contracts are rolling contracts and so if you wish to continue to rent a saddle past the term you originally indicated to us this is not problem at all. Please just drop us an email to let us know..

What if I want to cancel my rental before the term ends?

That’s no problem. Contact us and we will arrange a final payment date for any outstanding charges and arrange a pick-up day for the saddle.

What if I change my mind in the first month?

If you decide not to rent a saddle that has already been shipped to you then you must contact us within 5 days. We will arrange for pickup and return and you will be refunded your first month rent less a £15.00 administration fee. Shipping costs cannot be refunded.

If you decide not to rent a saddle that has already been shipped to you but it has been more than 5 days then please contact us to arrange pickup and return. You will be charged for the full current month rental. Shipping costs cannot be refunded.

Are there discounts for longer term rentals?

Yes, absolutely. Each saddle has a table that indicates the rate you will pay depending on how long your have rented the saddle for. A 25% discount is applied after 6 months of on time payments and a further 10% discount applied after 12 months, so renting for longer terms can give you great savings. Please note that all discounts are discretionary and depend on your rental payments being made on-time. We recommend using the auto-pay service when setting up your account to ensure you do not miss a payment.

Are there discounts for multiple rentals?

Yes, absolutely. If you wish to rent more than one saddle please contact us to discuss your requirements.

What credit checking do you do?

We reserve the right to decline a rental if a customer has a history of non repayment of debt. This may include checking the public debt registers. We do not run a hard credit search which is recorded on your credit report and can have an impact on your credit rating.