Current stock includes Albion, Bates, Cameo, Ecorider, Equipe, Bua, Fairfax, GFS, Ideal, Inky Dinky, Kent & Masters, Loxley by Bliss, Premier Equine, Prestige, Silhouette, Voltaire & Whitaker saddles


I live near Berkshire, can I pick up/drop off the saddle to avoid shipping costs?

Yes. Please discuss this with us during your enquiry.

How should I pack the saddle for return?

Please ensure the entire surface of the saddle is wrapped in protective bubble wrap to prevent any of the leather rubbing against the inside of the box during transit (this can cause significant damage).

Place the wrapped saddle pommel down in the original box and seal securely with tape. Saddle Rentals UK will have provided you with a return courier label which you should print and fix to the outside of the box.

I have lost the box you shipped the saddle in, can I get another one?

Yes. We can arrange to ship you a replacement box if you have lost the original packaging we sent you. This additional packaging will cost £11.50 which includes posting to your address. Alternatively, most self-storage companies sell large single cardboard boxes and you may find it cheaper to visit one of these to obtain new packaging materials. Please ensure to purchase the correct size box for your saddle, using a box that is too small or too big will likely result in damage to the saddle during transit. Some of the biggest UK storage chains are listed below:

Do you ship to NI or the Channel Islands?

Yes, but additional shipping charges may apply. Please contact us to discuss.