Current stock includes Albion, Bates, Cameo, Ecorider, Equipe, Bua, Fairfax, GFS, Ideal, Inky Dinky, Kent & Masters, Loxley by Bliss, Premier Equine, Prestige, Silhouette, Voltaire & Whitaker saddles

Payment, insurance and care

How do I pay for my rental?

Payments are processed through Stripe payment services on a credit or debit card. You will receive a monthly invoice by email that can be securely paid online. We recommend that you select the Auto-Pay option when you pay your first invoice which enables the payment service to take future rental payments without you having to re-enter your card and address details. Stripe gives you valuable protection and world class security for your payment details. This means that your financial information is not stored by Saddle Rentals UK and you have complete control over its use.

Do you keep my credit card details on file?

No. If you rent an item for more than one month you pay via the Stripe or Stripe auto-pay service that stores your credit card details as a secure encrypted key. These payment details are not shared with us in any way.

Do I have to insure the saddle while I am renting it?

We recommend that you do. You are responsible for the safe keeping of the saddle while you are renting it. If the saddle is stolen or otherwise destroyed, you will be responsible for the full “buy it now” price of the saddle. If the saddle is damaged, you are responsible for the repair costs incurred by Saddle Rentals UK. Your rented saddle may be covered by your contents insurance policy in place where you are storing the saddle, but it is your responsibility to check this. If you are unsure or would like to arrange insurance through Saddle Rentals UK, please discuss this with us during your enquiry.

What precautions does Saddle Rentals UK carry out on each saddle before renting/selling?

Each saddle is examined before renting out to ensure all parts of the saddle are sound and suitable for use. Every saddle is disinfected upon return to reduce any potential for the transfer of microorganisms. We advise that you should also inspect each element of the saddle before use and regularly throughout your rental term to ensure that it meets your standards.

What should I do if I damage a saddle?

If a saddle is damaged (beyond normal wear and tear) please contact us immediately. We will arrange for the saddle to be returned and assessed for repair. Depending on the extent of the damage we will work with you to repair the saddle from your deposit or arrange an insurance claim through your contents provider if you have arranged coverage. If the saddle is damaged beyond what can be repaired within your deposit and you have not taken out any insurance you will be liable for the full repair costs which will be invoiced to you for payment. 

What is normal wear and tear?

Saddles get minor marks and scuffs, we know this. However we expect saddles to be returned clean, without major scuffs, cuts or holes with seams and hardware intact. 

What if I pay late?

If you choose not to use the auto-pay option it is your responsibility to ensure that you pay your invoice on time. You will receive email reminders from Saddle Rentals to make you aware of the due date of your rental. Payments made later than 5 days after due may incur a late payment charge of £10.00 and/or result in the loss of any discretionary discount we have applied. Continued failure to pay will result in termination of your rental contract and request for return of the equipment. If you know you are going to pay late please contact us before the invoice due date to make arrangements.