Current stock includes Albion, Bates, Cameo, Ecorider, Equipe, Bua, Fairfax, GFS, Ideal, Inky Dinky, Kent & Masters, Loxley by Bliss, Premier Equine, Prestige, Silhouette, Voltaire & Whitaker saddles

Saddle fitting

Saddles can be hard to fit, what if the one I chose doesn’t fit my horse?

We will work with you to make the best choice possible. If you find that your rented saddle doesn’t fit your horse just contact us within five (5) days and we will arrange a pick-up. If you make contact within the five day no-fit window your first month rental will be refunded less a £15.00 admin fee to cover our costs.

If there is another saddle in stock that you would like to try, then you may opt to swap with the saddle that doesn’t fit. There are no limits to the swaps you can do but you will incur shipping charges and the admin fee for each swap. For each swap we will set up a new rental agreement to reflect the new start date and monthly rate.

Can I get a saddle fitter out to adjust the saddle?

Yes, of course. If the saddle you choose needs minor adjustments to fit your horse perfectly then you are allowed to do this. The cost of any service is your responsibility. We ask that you do not perform any major adjustments to the saddle without obtaining permission from Saddle Rentals UK. If in doubt, please contact us but as a guide:

Minor adjustments pre-approved:

  • Adding shims
  • Reflocking

Major adjustments not allowed without approval:

  • Removal and/or replacement of tree or structural element
  • Addition or removal of hardware and leatherwear (e.g. girth straps)
  • Recolouring or dyeing