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Fairfax Andrew Hoy Monoflap XC Saddle with Prolite Panels, Adjustable, 17.5", Brown (SKU344)

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Brand: Fairfax

Model: Andrew Hoy Monoflap Jump saddle

Size: 17"

Width: Adjustable gullet (Narrow/Medium through to Extra Wide/Extra extra wide)

Flap: Monoflap

Serial No.: 045909

Colour: Brown (but a paler brown than most other Hoys)

Flocking: Full Prolite panels (rather than the standard wool panels lined with a layer of Prolite)

Girth straps – Two on each side in good used condition. Indents from buckles as expected with a secondhand saddle. All holes in good condition with no major stretching. All visible girth leather stitching in excellent condition.

Saddle Condition:  Secondhand saddle in very good condition. Please note that this saddle has Prolite panels rather than the standard wool panels lined with a layer of Prolite (very few of these were made and they rarely come up for sale). There are some rub marks/discoloration on the twist, a small mark on the left side of the seat, a scratch mark on the bottom of the left flap and some light rub marks on both calf blocks.

What Fairfax has to say about this model, the Andrew Hoy Monoflap XC Saddle: 

Developed with seven-times Olympian Andrew Hoy to enable him to feel a greater harmony with his horses, the specifically designed seat aligns the rider precisely over the horse’s centre of balance, enabling them both to perform at their best.

The Andrew Hoy Monoflap XC benefits from all the features common to every saddle in the Fairfax Performance range plus the following details:

  • Covered with luxurious full-grain leather, waxed for extra grip.
  • The unique design and placement of the billets allows your saddle-fitter four girthing options to fine-tune the fit to your horse’s shape and movement. 
  • If a horse has asymmetrical shoulders, two sets of adjustable shoulder blocks allow the rider to sit squarely while allowing the horse to move freely underneath, building up muscle without restriction. Simply use the thicker block on the side with less muscle. 
  • Adjustable and moveable knee blocks under the flap offer custom-made support for riders with shorter legs. Longer legged riders can remove the block to create more room and bring them closer to their horse.

Initial Payment

17.5"  Fairfax Andrew Hoy Monoflap XC Saddle, Adjustable, Brown (SKU344)
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